Ex-Miami police chief Art Acevedo has new gig with CNN

Former Miami police chief Art Acevedo has joined CNN as a law enforcement analyst. (Joe Raedle, 2021 Getty Images)

MIAMI – You may not see Art Acevedo patrolling the streets of Miami anymore, but that doesn’t mean the former police chief will be completely out of sight.

In fact, you might see him on your TV screen, as Acevedo has joined CNN as a law enforcement analyst.

“Excited to join @CNN team to continue being part of the discussion on law enforcement and criminal justice,” Acevedo tweeted Tuesday night with a screenshot of an appearance with Wolf Blitzer.

Acevedo, 57, did a brief phone interview with the Houston Chronicle about the new gig, noting that he had written a newspaper column during high school and college.

“I have joined the media,” he joked to the Chronicle.

Acevedo was Houston’s top cop before the City of Miami hired him as their new police chief earlier this year with great fanfare.

His rocky tenure ended when the city manager recommended his termination in October and the city commission voted to do just that.

Acevedo garnered support from advocates of police reform in his brief time in Miami but clashed with commissioners and other city leaders. The recommendation for his removal cited reasons that included morale issues in the department, off-color remarks, missteps in reporting car damage and vacation time, and issues with an unauthorized hire.