DeSantis announces $289 million education commitment to help struggling students


Gov. Ron DeSantis held a news conference Wednesday morning at the City of Hialeah Educational Academy to announce that the state will be allocating $289 million for after-school programs that his office says “will close achievement gaps, improve STEM education and booster student resiliency.”

Below is a break-down of how the funds will be dispersed:

  • $105 million will go directly to after-school and summer learning camps that help struggling students catch up.
  • $47 million will go for primary materials aligned to Florida’s new standards for English, math, civics and Holocaust education.
  • $50 million will go to support reading intervention and professional development for reading coaches.
  • $44 million will go to support STEM and hands-on learning programs.
  • $22.5 million will go for resources to help parents be more involved in their children’s education
  • $5 million will be to establish Regional Mental Health Resiliency Teams that serve students.