Jurors concerned about their safety after murder retrial of Dayonte Resiles

Jurors had questions for the judge in a high-profile murder case and those questions were a matter of their safety.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Deliberations continued Thursday in the murder retrial of Dayonte “Moochie” Resiles.

On Wednesday, the jury asked for a number of “read backs” of witness testimony, meaning they wanted to hear portions of some of the testimony they heard over the last few weeks of this trial.

First the court reporter read back testimony of one of the crime scene technicians who worked the scene back in 2014, when Jill Halliburton Su, 59, was stabbed and killed inside her Davie home.

They then re-heard testimony from Su’s husband and on Thursday morning, the read backs continued as the court reporter recounted the testimony of Su’s son.

And, once again, the jury had a few questions for the judge and the attorneys.

“There’s a concern after this trial about the jurors’ safety. If the foreperson wanted to have someone else take over, can she/he do that? What’s a matter of public record?” the jurors asked Broward County Judge John Murphy III.

“So it seems there is some concern about personal safety for the jury based on whatever verdict they eventually come to,” Murphy said.

The answer to those questions was that they could change the foreperson at any time, and that the verdict form is public record. The verdict form only contains the foreperson’s signature.

Murphy said that he had another question from the jury. " . . . It basically says, ' please clarify if it’s just the foreperson or all jurors whose names are in public record, meaning can the media get the jurors’ names?’ "

Prosecutor Maria Schneider responded, “I think that we should tell them that it is not a matter for their concern at this time.” Defense Attorney Allari Dominguez said: “I just don’t want them to vote a certain way because they think their name is going to be out there

Another read back is expected to happen Friday afternoon.

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