Police continue investigating whether Miami fatal stabbing was self-defense

The stabbing death of Christian Obumseli by his girlfriend Courtney Clenny remains under investigation.

MIAMI – The stabbing death of Christian Obumseli by his girlfriend Courtney Clenney remains under investigation.

Police are working to determine if this was a case of self-defense or murder.

Clenney’s attorney is now responding to a viral video of Clenney after her release from a Baker Act hold.

Miami police continue to investigate the stabbing death of Obumseli, who was 27.

According to detectives, there was a struggle between Obumseli and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Clenney, before he was stabbed once.

Clenney has not been charged.

Shortly after the stabbing, video posted by TMZ that was captured by a neighbor shows Clenney covered in blood, handcuffed on the floor of their luxury Miami apartment.

Clenney was detained, but while talking to police she threatened to take her own life. She was then Baker Acted.

Shortly after her release, a woman spotted Clenney in a hotel lobby and told her she should leave because she killed her boyfriend.

Local 10 News’ Bridgette Matter asked Clenney’s attorney about the interaction. He responded by saying she was in the lobby of her hotel with her father, adding, in part:

“Again, it is sad that a member of the public, who has no idea about the facts leading up to Mr. Obumseli’s death, would berate Courtney who is a victim of repeated domestic violence. She justifiably acted out of fear for her life and had to defend herself. "

Local 10 News spoke to a neighbor who says he saw the abuse.

“I saw her facing us and the gentleman’s back towards us, hitting her,” the neighbor said. “I could not tell if it was open handed or closed handed, but he was swinging at her.”

The couple’s friends described a turbulent relationship, but physical abuse only at the hands of Clenney.

It’s a stark difference from the loving relationship the two portrayed online.

Miami police said there are no new updates in the case and that it remains under investigation.

Local 10 News requested an interview with Clenney but her attorney said she could not be made available. He said she is currently undergoing counseling.

Local 10 News also reached out to the Obumesli family and their attorney but did not get a response.

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