Latest poll shows Crist, Fried in dead heat

Both hoping to get nomination for Democratic candidate for governor

Charlie Crist is running a steady campaign and has enjoyed a lead over rival Nikki Fried but the polls out show they are now in a dead heat.

MIAMI, Fla. – Charlie Crist was in Overtown on Friday after an invitation from two well-known political leaders, Miami-dade school board member dr. Dorothy Bendross Mendinghall and Christine King, chair of the Miami City Commission.

Crist is here to get their blessing and ask for votes. He’s a political chameleon and able to blend in naturally wherever he goes.

Crist knows he can’t win the nomination or the governorship without Black votes and the support of Black leaders.

As governor, Crist appointed a number of African-Americans to judgeships and hired others for his administration.

He is running a steady campaign and has enjoyed a sizable lead in polls over rival Nikki Fried.

But a poll out on Friday, July 8, showed the two in a dead heat among Democrats with 39 percent support for each and 2 percent undecided.

Fried’s campaign got a boost when the supreme court overturned Roe v Wade. She has consistently been pro-choice. Crist says he is, too, but waffled a bit in the past.

As governor of Florida, he appointed a conservative to the state supreme court who may soon rule on the state’s new abortion law.

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