Video shows Broward city official using expletive after officer issues warning for speeding

Union president condemns Pompano Beach vice mayor’s behavior during traffic stop in Fort Lauderdale

The vice mayor of a city in Broward County used profanity during a traffic stop for alleged speeding in Fort Lauderdale.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A video shows the vice mayor of a city in Broward County recently telling a police officer who stopped her for speeding to “find something better to [expletive] do!”

A police officer’s body camera video shows when he stopped Pompano Beach Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins shortly before 11 p.m., on April 6, in Fort Lauderdale.

Perkins was driving a white Audi sports utility vehicle when the officer accused her of driving at 60 mph. The Fort Lauderdale police officer gave her a warning: “Miss Perkins you need to slow down! OK?”

Scott Moseley, the president of Fort Lauderdale Fraternal Order of Police, released a statement on Friday with a public message to Perkins after the video was published on YouTube on Tuesday.

“We suggest you apologize and then sign up for some ride alongs to see what [officers] do every day to protect the citizens of our great city,” Moseley wrote. “As an elected official, you too are held to a higher standard and should know better ... we suggest you obey the speed limit and seek anger management.”

Perkins was not available to comment on this story.

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