‘I have a gun:’ Home alone, Cooper City woman scares away intruders

A group of thieves have been seen on camera breaking into Cooper City homes are now behind bars.

COOPER CITY, Fla. – A group of thieves that were seen on camera breaking into Cooper City homes are now behind bars.

One homeowner told Local 10 News she was armed with a gun, and that she was able to scare the intruders off.

That woman was able to realize the thieves were trying to break in.

She ran to a back room where she armed herself, and just as the suspects tried to make their way in, she screamed, ‘I have a gun’ and the suspects took off running.

The incident is just the latest in a string of break-ins or attempted break-ins in the Hibbs Grove community.

Home surveillance video showed two men, covered in black from head to toe with a crow bar and backpacks, lurking around the pool area of a Cooper City resident’s home. It was moments later they made their way inside, but what they didn’t know is the woman living there was still inside and home alone.

“She heard them break the glass, but she locked herself in her room -- she was trying to call 911,” said someone who knows the woman. “Because they broke the glass, there was no alarm that was activated.”

The burglary, which took place last weekend, is the latest of a rash of similar criminal acts in Hibbs Grove, where residents say the thieves jump over the back wall of the upscale community to get in.

Sommer Rivera told Local 10 News she was away on vacation when her home surveillance cameras notified her of what she believes is the same men, this time three of them, attempting to break into her home.

“Terrified. I was anxious because we were out of town and think these people are going to get in our house, but lucky our security light scarred them away,” she said.

Broward Sheriff’s deputies ultimately arrested 31-year-old Oliver Berrios Morales and 22-year-old Estefano Perez.

With residents now concerned for their safety, the city has teamed up with BSO, installing a mobile surveillance camera system.

“It is meant help to be a deterrent help those that are out to do bad make sure that the city is taking a proactive approach,” said Cooper City Public Information Officer Michael Cobelo.

Both of the suspects face a number of charges that range from burglary of an occupied residence to resisting arrest.

Investigators believe at least one of the men may be part of a larger Chilean burglary cartel ring.

BSO also continues to search for a third suspect.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Sheriff’s Office or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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