Trial continues for Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, charged in Miami road rage death

Tuesday was day two of the manslaughter trial of Pablo Lyle, who has been charged in connection to a Miami road rage incident that turned deadly.

MIAMI – Tuesday was day two of the manslaughter trial of Pablo Lyle.

The Mexican actor is charged in connection to a road rage incident in 2019 in which Lyle punched 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez.

Hernandez later died from his injuries.

On Tuesday, jurors heard from a first responder and an officer who interviewed Lyle.

“I remember looking down through the windshield and seeing the patient through the windshield and he didn’t look very good at all,” said City of Miami Firefighter Lt. Robert Pons.

Jurors also heard from a witness who was in an adjacent car, who described what she saw the victim do, and what Lyle did.

“He looked crazy,” witness Maria Rizo said of Lyle. “He looked out of control. He looked like something was wrong with him.”

The witness combative as the defense attempted to discredit her over what she told police officers about the incident.

“This is the third time you bring this up, I already answered it,” Rizo told a defense attorney.

Another witness said he saw what happened from a nearby gas station.

“He went up to protect his face,” witness Carlos Molina said as he described the actions of the victim. “I’m sure it was defensive. You raise your hands because you don’t want to get punched.”

The trial is scheduled to continue on Friday, so long as there are no additional closures due to Hurricane Ian.

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