Miami-Dade man facing serious charges, accused of attacking officer and using racial slur

A licensed South Florida dentist is accused of using a racial slur while at the South Miami Police Department.

SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. – A licensed South Florida dentist is accused of using a racial slur while at the South Miami Police Department.

That man was told not to come back, but he later returned with a gun.

The assistant police chief told Local 10 News’ Roy Ramos the same suspect has been arrested a number of times, and was even trespassed from the police department, but he keeps coming back.

Only this time - he is now concerned for the safety of his officers and this community

Body camera video captured 61-year-old Mark Geltzer after South Miami police said he verbally assaulted a 17-year-old cashier at a McDonalds back in July.

He admitted to calling the cashier a “useless n-word.”

After the incident, police said Geltzer arrived to the department’s lobby to report that the girl working at the fast food restaurant spit on him, accusations police said were unfounded.

“He wasn’t happy about that, he comes to our station here demanding to get a white officer,” said Asst. Chief Charles Nanney.

Nanney said not only did Geltzer demand a white officer help him, but the assistant chief said the man went on to spew racial slurs toward his senior dispatch manager.

“He gets into an argument with her over getting a new officer and calls her the n-word,” Nanney said.

Nanney said Geltzer was trespassed and told to leave that night.

Fast forward to this past Friday, when Geltzer returned to the department.

Surveillance video showed him stumbling into the lobby where he continues on his racist rants, demanding the narrative on his report be changed, Nanney said.

“He calls our senior Black detective the n-word,” Nanney said.

Even more concerning is that Geltzer didn’t stop there. He then tries to run down one of the officers in the parking lot before driving away.

That officer pursued Gelter all the way to his father’s Coral Gables home, where he is arrested

Geltzer has since bonded out of the jail, but he still faces a number of charges that include battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and driving under the influence.

Nanney said he is so concerned for his employees and that he is even had someone escort employees when they leave to go home at the end of the night.

While licensed to practice dentistry, Geltzer is not actively doing so.

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