Convicted felon accused of killing 2 to be released from prison early

The victims were both pregnant: 17-year-old Cassandra Scott and 24-year-old Angela Savage

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – The man convicted of killing two Broward County women in 1986 will be released in less than 90 days from a Florida prison.

Gary Troutman was convicted of the murder of Cassandra Scott. The 17-year-old was pregnant at the time of her death.

Weeks later, a pregnant 24-year-old Angela Savage was found beaten and raped in March of 1986.

“How can you kill a mother and her unborn child?” Savage’s brother Darrel Adams said.

Troutman and Savage went to high school together, he was known to the Savage family.

Troutman was eventually arrested for Scott’s murder, then he got out early in 2007, that same year DNA linked him to Angela Savage.

An eight-year legal battle filled with delays would lead to a guilty plea in exchange for a 30-year sentence.

Initially, Troutman faced charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and rape, but the kidnapping and rape charges were dropped. The first-degree murder charge was changed to second-degree murder.

Angela’s brother told a Broward County judge in 2015 at the sentencing hearing “I hope he never walks out of jail again. I hope he dies in jail.”

But less than 15 years into the sentence the Savage family received a letter informing them Troutman is getting out early because of jail time served and gain time.

Angela’s family said Troutman’s pending release has stirred renewed frustrations for their family.

“I will never forgive him ever. Forgiveness is not in my heart for him for what he did to my sister … I would like to as him: Why did you kill my sister?” Adams said.

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