Coral Springs police officer veers off road, nearly strikes children, witnesses say

Chief: Police officer receives formal discipline

SUNRISE, Fla. – A South Florida woman said a police officer nearly struck her children during a crash on Wednesday in Sunrise. Za’kayla Ford, 11, said she and her siblings managed to jump out of the way.

Denise Ford said her baby girl started crying and shaking and her pressure went up. Another person, Donna Burrows, was so shaken by what she witnessed that she ended up at the hospital.

”It’s like the police officer wasn’t paying attention,” Denise Ford said. “Instead of hitting the car, he came up in the yard.”

A video shows a driver stopped for a school bus and the police officer who approached was unable to stop, so to avoid a crash, the officer veered into the front yard.

“I can’t believe the car almost hit me and especially if it was a police officer,” Burrows said.

The police officer kept going, according to witnesses. Coral Springs Police Chief Bradley McKeone released a statement saying the police officer received a formal discipline. Denise Ford believes the officer should be fired.

“I could have lost my kids,” she said. “I could have been burying my kids ... At least come to say sorry to my kids, see if they are OK.”

Local 10 News’ Joseph Ojo contributed to this story.

Coral Springs Police Department (CSPD)
Coral Springs Police Department (CSPD)

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