Florida family drives to Kentucky to pick up new puppy, discovers they’ve been scammed

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – A southwest Florida family says they traveled to Kentucky to pick up their new puppy, but soon realized they got scammed.

Lillian Cardin, of Bonita Springs, says she was searching for a new dog and came across a post on social media about a Yorkshire Terrier for sale.

Cardin messaged the seller and deposited $300 before making arrangements to meet in front of a pet store.

“I let him know an hour before (that) we had pulled over to stretch our legs and I said that the GPS says an hour away,” Cardin said. “He said, ‘OK.’ That was the last of the conversation. So he let us drive all the way to Kentucky.”

Pet business owners say this is something that happens often and say scammers will also take photos from pet businesses and post them online.

There is a happy ending though. Cardin says her family found a new puppy in Fort Myers.