3rd girl arrested for Broward High brawl as principal threatens discipline to students who filmed

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A third teenager has been arrested for her role in a brutal fight between students at West Broward High School.

The beating was caught on camera.

The school’s principal sent a letter to parents stating that those who recorded the fight would also face consequences.

Video of this latest incident shows five girls savagely punching a classmate at the Pembroke Pines high school on Jan. 24.

Two of the girls were previously arrested, and Wednesday authorities announced the arrest of a third girl who was involved. Two of the three girls are 17 years old and the third is a 15-year-old.

The victim is recovering after suffering a mild concussion. She told police she is still suffering painful headaches since the attack.

The entire incident prompted the school’s principal to release a statement which read, in part:

“Students who videotape and / or incite a disturbance are also subject to disciplinary consequences. We are actively putting things in place to eliminate this behavior.”

Why would a student recording and not involved in the fight be subject to disciplinary consequences?

According to Broward County Public Schools, the principal’s reasoning is that, “The behavior incites and increases fights and disruptive activity.”

Local 10 News’ legal expert David Weinstein confirmed that can be the case.

“Yes, as a student on school property, you could get in trouble for taking out your cell phone and videotaping something which you wouldn’t get in trouble for if you were on public property doing the same thing at a time when you were not engaged as part of a school process,” said Weinstein.

Weinstein went on to says it is not a right, but a privilege, to attend a public school, and the school has a right to restrict the activities that take place on their property that interferes with learning.

Pembroke Pines police told Local 10 News they have been called to the school at least six times regarding physical fights on campus since the school year started.

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