Florida gator spotted with snout taped shut has been rescued

Florida woman finds gator with its snout taped shut

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – An alligator living in a Florida neighborhood pond spotted with its snout taped shut has been rescued and taken to a rehabilitation facility.

Amber Lock, a woman living in the Brandon community, posted an update on her Facebook on Thursday. “Georgie” the alligator was picked up by a trapper and is being taken to Gatorama and Crocodile Adventures in Palmdale.

In a statement, Ben Register, general manager at Gatorama said:

“She is doing well so far and will be offered a feeding as soon as the day warms up. We are thankful that Georgie was finally caught. “I used to trap alligators with my father and I know how difficult catching alligators in an overgrown retention pond can be.”

“Gatorama is home to many nuisance alligators. We work cooperatively with the trapper, so they don’t have to kill the alligators. In fact, the trapper that brought Georgie has even made a special trailer for the gators he brings to us so that he doesn’t have to tape their mouths closed while he brings them to us. We’re incredibly grateful to Gatorland, several individuals, and trappers for their efforts in the rescue mission.”

"Georgie" the alligator has been trapped by Gatorama staff and will live in rehabilitation facility. (Courtesy: Gatorama and Crocodile Adventures)

“Georgie” is a female alligator and was first spotted by Lock in December. She said the gator was unable to eat for two months because of the tape around her snout.

“Whoever attempted to trap him and put the tape around his mouth clearly lost him and that’s what started this,” Lock said.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Official said the delay from December is a result from confusion caused by two different permit requests made by two different trappers by members of the public.

Georgie, the taped alligator, has found a new home here at Gatorama. To learn more, read the full press release by clicking the link below. https://www.gatorama.com/2023/02/17/georgie-the-taped-alligator-finds-new-home-at-gatorama/

Posted by Gatorama and Crocodile Adventures on Friday, February 17, 2023

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