Fourth woman comes forward with sexual assault accusations against Miami Beach biochemist

Jeremy Bittner accused of drugging, raping latest victim twice

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A fourth woman has come forward to police, accusing a Miami Beach man of drugging and raping her.

According to police reports, three of the women claim Jeremy Bittner, 41, who is a biochemist, sexually assaulted them, while another woman said she was able to get away before he could rape her, despite being drugged.

According to a police report involving the latest victim to come forward, the 37-year-old woman contacted police Tuesday after seeing a story about Bittner on the news.

“I didn’t come forward because I just wanted it to go away,” J.S. told Local 10 News. “I just felt maybe I could move on with my life.”

She said she met Bittner in spring of 2020 after she moved into his apartment building on West Avenue and the two exchanged phone numbers.

But the woman said some small talk in the entryway of her apartment unit quickly escalated, with Bittner asking her if she wanted to do cocaine with him and if he could snort cocaine off her chest.

Police said the woman refused and asked Bittner to leave.

The woman told police that from that day on until around September 2022, she would often see Bittner around with building with women who seemed to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

She said he asked her in September if she could help him reconcile with his wife since she is a marriage counselor.

The woman said she tried to help to no avail, but the two remained friendly and would sometimes hang out in Bittner’s apartment.

According to the report, the woman claimed their relationship was never physical, but said Bittner would sometimes “voice his desire towards her.”

She said things took a turn in November when Bittner invited the woman over to his apartment and then asked her if she wanted to drink alcohol and consume drugs with him.

Police said the woman refused and Bittner smoked crack and snorted cocaine.

The woman told police that she drank from a glass of water given to her by Bittner and then remembers gaining consciousness, finding Bittner on top of her on his sofa, raping her.

According to the report, the victim tried to push him off but he choked her and repeatedly spat in her face.

“It should be noted, victim J.S. has a confirmed and visible physical disability, as she is unable to properly walk, which substantially limited her ability to resist or flee,” the report stated.

The woman told police she later found a photo on her cellphone of her without pants, laying on Bittner’s couch.

She said she did not recall taking the picture.

The woman said Bittner raped her once again on Feb. 7 as she was packing up her belongings because she was moving out of the building to get away from him.

According to the report, the woman said Bittner entered her apartment and asked her for forgiveness.

But she said he then became verbally aggressive and asked her to put on “sexy clothing” before going to her closet area which she said he “destroyed.”

The woman told police she confronted Bittner and he spat in her face so she slapped him.

According to the report, Bittner became infuriated and he grabbed the victim by the hair, pinned her on top of her bed and raped her.

The victim told police she believes something was placed in her water that day as well because her body and memory felt impaired after.

According to police, the victim said she did not initially report the two rapes to authorities because she felt ashamed and embarrassed and thought nobody would believe her since she had passed out and could not completely and thoroughly describe what had happened.

According to jail records, Bittner now faces additional charges of sexual battery on someone who was physically incapacitated, false imprisonment and voyeurism.

J.S. hopes sharing her story publicly will help find out if there are other victims out there.

“I know that I’m not the only person this happened to,” J.S. said. “There are other people who are probably suffering.”

As of Thursday morning, Bittner remained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

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