Family says warning signs missed before 74-year-old shot in northeast Miami-Dade

Suspect later shot and killed by Oklahoma troopers after robbing Kansas bank

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The son of a 74-year-old woman shot in northeast Miami-Dade earlier this month says there were warning signs about the suspect days before the gunfire and nothing was done about them.

Rosendo Rivero was suspected of shooting Miracien Armand at her business along Dixie Highway on March 17.

The 25-year-old dated Armand’s granddaughter for a brief time.

Video from days before the shooting shows a man, who family members say is Rivero, pull up to a business.

They say he threatened his ex-girlfriend’s family by showing up at her dads workplace and sending a video.

The family filed a police report.

“He shows up at my business and sends my daughter a video threatening me,” the victim’s son said.

Days later, Armand was shot at 12 times and struck six times at her business. Miraculously, she survived.

The family says there were warning signs.

“How’s this guy threatening us?” Armand’s son said. “His phone number is showing up. He’s sending video. (Police) placed him at my property.”

Family members say during the volatile relationship with Armand’s granddaughter, Rivero fired shots outside of Armand’s Broward County home.

He was on supervised release and was wearing an ankle monitor.

According to Armand’s son, on the Tuesday before the shooting, Rivero sent these threatening texts: “Tell ya daddy I’m on his trail stay dangerous” and “Warn him so it can be fair battle when we meet.”

Immediately, he contacted prosecutors at the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

One day before the shooting, as shown in a court document, Broward prosecutors said Rivero violated his pre-trial release and prosecutors got an arrest warrant for him as soon as they possibly could.

He was on probation out of Miami-Dade County as well.

Prosecutors did mention that law enforcement was searching for him and couldn’t find him earlier that week. He was still out on the morning of the 17th, the day the shooting happened.

He reportedly cut off his ankle monitor.

After the shooting, family members say he sent his ex these texts: “Check on your grandma my dawg killed her a--”, “You & your daddy next”, “And your momma”, “Teach my kid to never snitch”.

Text messages (WPLG)

Rivero would continue to the text his ex-girlfriend, family members say.

But one week after the shooting, Rivero was shot and killed by Oklahoma troopers after they said he robbed a bank in Kansas.

“I’m super upset, but I’m grateful my mom is doing well,” Armand’s son said.

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