Co-op association orders woman remove camera — only after it caught president behaving badly

He resigned after obscenity-laced tirade caught on video

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – A new fight is now brewing at a Hallandale Beach building that was the focus of a recent Local 10 News investigation.

A camera that caught a now-former co-op building president verbally abusing and harassing a resident is being forced down, but the the resident who put it up says it’s there for safety reasons.

Despite the fact that camera has been up since last July, the association said the wall it is mounted on is common property — they want it down.

Camera owner Natalia Williams said only now, after Local 10 News ran a story showing Larry Reinfeld, then-president of Building V in Ro-Len Lake Gardens, verbally abusing women, does the association want it taken down.

“I’m blocking the f---ing walkway, b----?” Reinfeld was caught saying to one resident.

Williams said she believes the camera is being ordered taken down out of spite.

Prior to Reinfeld being caught on camera several women in Building V complained to the association that he was verbally abusing them.

One resident even got a restraining order against him.

Debbie Erlichson said in February that Reinfeld, upset she “didn’t leave him room for parking,” called her a “f---ing b---- Jewish whore.”

They claim the association ignored their complaints about Reinfeld’s behavior and did nothing until the video surfaced..

Williams said the camera has been up for nine months.

“No one (did) anything, so the camera caught it,” she said. “And so since the camera caught it, now it’s a big thing. Now we(’ve) got to take the camera down. And the camera is for safety.”

Williams got a letter from an attorney giving her 30 days to remove the camera.

It threatens legal action and said he never asked for or was given permission to install the camera. It said the outside wall it’s attached to is common property.

But Williams said she got permission — from none other than Larry Reinfeld.

“I asked him twice before I put the camera up,” she said.

Williams says she’s being singled out.

Local 10 News saw similar cameras around Ro-Len Lake Gardens. One resident wouldn’t say if she got permission.

“I’m terrified now of removing my cameras because it is my safety,” Williams said. “It is the only thing I have to show this is what is going on.”

Despite resigning as its president soon after our story aired in February, Reinfeld still lives in Building V. That’s another reason why residents want it to stay up.

The association is threatening legal action against Williams if the camera isn’t taken down within 10 days.

About the Author:

Jeff Weinsier joined Local 10 News in September 1994. He is currently an investigative reporter for Local 10. He is also responsible for the very popular Dirty Dining segments.