Group of children gets special lesson at Miami International Airport

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A group of about 40 children and their parents visited Miami International Airport on Monday for a special lesson on what it’s like to travel.

Airport officials allowed the children to experience the process of checking in with the airline and complying with the Transportation Security Administration screening.

The children were also allowed to meet a pilot and learn about what it’s like to board an American Airlines airline’s plane.

“My little one has autism, and we are having a great deal of anxiety because he is going to fly for the first time,” Andres Garcia said.

Garcia said the timing of the MIA Airport Instruction and Readiness tour, also known as the MIAair, was perfect because he and his two sons have a flight in about two weeks.

“We are actually thankful that the airport has this program where they can experience at least a portion of the whole journey, so there is less anxiety,” Garcia said.

The group of children included students from Kendale Lakes Elementary School’s behavior management class.

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