Expanding research into Parkinson’s disease

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Several studies underway are helping scientists gain new insights into Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Sonia Kalirao, a neurologist with HCA Florida Northwest Hospital, said recent research found a gene mutation that may disrupt the brain’s ability to get rid of degraded proteins.

The gene mutation inhibits the release of calcium in neurons, leaving dead brain cells in their wake.

“So this study gives us a pause and stating: do we work at the genetic level which we know that there are three mutations, or do we work on this calcium-driven trigger pathway,” she said.

Kalirao, who leads The Neurology Institute in Coral Springs, is involved in several clinical trials investigating new treatments for Parkinson’s.

“So, you know Parkinson’s is a disease of motor function, as a basic fundamental, so one of the drugs is helping patients increase their motor mobility without having the adverse events they experience from the older generation medications,” she said.

For more information about clinical trials underway in Southeast Florida go to: https://theneurologyinstitute.com/research

And new research suggests that exercise may help fight addiction.

Investigators looked at dozens of studies concerning physical activity and its relationship to substance abuse.

They found that exercise was linked to lower drug use in about 75 percent of the studies.

The findings suggest that physical activity may be a useful part of a treatment plan for those struggling with addiction.

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