Humane Society of Broward County looking to find permanent home for furry friends

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – The Humane Society of Broward County joined Local 10 News Saturday in continuing its search to find loving, permanent homes for pets.

HSBC Vice President of Marketing Cherie Wachter introduced two baby kittens named “Grasshopper” and his brother “Mantis” to Local 10 viewers.

She said the HSBC has nearly 50 kittens that are looking to be adopted.

According to Wachter, the kittens will do well in pairs and will tire each other out so they won’t be attacking your toes throughout the day.

She said the kittens are already updated with the latest vaccinations and are spayed and neutered. They also have microchips on them in case they get lost.

Wachter suggested that Grasshopper and Mantis will grow up to have longer hair and owners will need to start brushing them at an early age.

June is considered to be “Adopt a Cat Month.”

Wachter also spoke about a 1-year-old dog named Major who has been at the shelter for several months.

1-year-old Major is looking for a forever home. (WPLG)

Major was surrendered because his family had no time for him

Wachter said Major is good with kids and other dogs.

She also mentioned that Major needs orthopedic surgery, which the HSBC will cover if someone decides to adopt him.

There are many more dogs, cats, rabbits and furry friends up for adoption at the Humane Society of Broward County.

For more information on how to adopt any animal or schedule a visit, click here.

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