Clerk praying when gun held to head

Daihana Lupo grabbed by Adrian Montesano during armed robbery

By Glenna Milberg - Reporter , Ben Candea

MIAMI - An overnight clerk at a Walgreens says she began praying as a robber held a gun to her head.

After Adrian Montesano forced a manager at the pharmacy at 2700 W. Flagler Street inside at gunpoint early Tuesday, he grabbed Daihana Lupo's neck and held her hostage -- demanding money from the store register.

"We have to forgive if you know Christ because he forgave us, so then we have to forgive," she said in Spanish.

A Walgreens security guard, Denefield Ferguson, watched from his car.

"And, I cannot fire a shot at him because he has the cashier as a hostage," he added. "It was too close to call."

The robbery began a violent ordeal that ended with police killing Montesano, 27, and Corsini Valdes, 50. Three police officers suffered gunshot wounds.

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