Man's credit card illegally charged at gas station due to skimming device

Luis Barrionuevo was trying to pump gas when $110 was stolen from account

By Glenna Milberg - Reporter

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A skimming device placed on a pump at a Pembroke Pines gas station led to a victim's credit card being charged more than $100 Tuesday night before he even left.

"I used my one card and it kept saying, 'Please wait, please wait,'" Luis Barrionuevo said.  

While Barrionuevo was trying to pay for his gas at the Chevron gas station on Sheridan Street and Southwest 196th Avenue, someone was plundering his funds. A total of $110 was charged on the card he put into the pump.

"The second I go to leave the gas station, I’m already getting a text from my card company: 'Did you make this charge?'" Barrionuevo said.

Credit card skimming devices aren't anything new. 

One man at the same gas station told Local 10 News he's been hit nine times in three weeks around southern Broward County.

Authorities say criminals can now skim cards via Bluetooth, so while watching you pump, they could be stealing your card information remotely.

Paying by app is one way to protect yourself. There are also Bluetooth detector apps you can download to scan your surroundings. 

"It's getting so bad, getting to the point that you don't want to use cards anymore," Barrionuevo said.  

Luckily, Barrionuevo's bank refunded him his money. He said this is the second time this has happened to him.

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