Students grow food, learn nutrition

Program encourages Broward County students to eat more fresh food

LAUDERHILL, Fla. - A new program is teaching students in five Broward County Public schools about healthy eating and growing vegetables.

"Go ahead, just pull them out. Wow, look at the carrots," said science teacher Noel Morgado-Santos. 

His students are harvesting and observing the carrots they've grown in their new garden in Lauderhill.

"When we harvest the carrots and you take the carrot out of the soil, you will see their faces. They are amazed, like, 'Oh my gosh, is that a carrot?' Yes it is, so it's fantastic," said Morgado-Santos.

Students in kindergarten through the third grade are growing more than carrots. They also have radishes and tomato plants. 

"They're also learning about how to eat healthy, and they are bringing all the knowledge that they are learning within the classroom and in out garden back to their parents, to their homes," said Morgado-Santos.

Endeavour Primary Learning Center's garden is one of five donated by the Broward Education Foundation to encourage kids to eat more fresh vegetables and show them what it takes to make plants grow. 

"When you make learning fun for kids, I think they learn more and it's a more effective way for kids to learn," said Broward Education Foundation President Jorene Jameson.

Students are having fun getting their hands dirty. 

"We're learning that it's good to plant fruits and vegetables and that the more fruits and vegetables you plant, the more that you can enjoy with your family," said Genesis Lee. 

"It's pretty cool to be a gardener. You can plant stuff, plant new things that you never seen or heard of before," added Serenity Donego.

It's not all work for the students. They do get some instant gratification, including tea from mint plants they grew themselves. They say it tastes awesome.

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