Mayor addresses 'double-dipping' officials

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MIRAMAR, Fla. - Miramar Mayor Lori Moseley plans on terminating several positions where city officials are earning thousands of dollars in pensions for two separate jobs.

When Miramar Police Chief Keith Dunn announced his retirement last week, the city sent local media a news release about the changing of the guard and honored Dunn.

But Dunn began collecting a pension, then was rehired as a public safety director at a six-figure salary.

"I think it would have come out, but I agree, it was not handled well by the city," Moseley told Local 10's Bob Norman.

Moseley addressed Local 10's investigation into three high-ranking retired administrators close to former city manager Robert Payton, who abruptly resigned Monday.

"That to me is a different pot of money," she said. "One is pension money and another one."

"I'm not sure taxpayers distinguish those different pots," said Norman. "They all see it as their money."

"And that's why I'm trying to explain," said Moseley.

Moseley said she also believed the administrators weren't receiving health benefits.

"That is problematic to me," she said.

Moseley said she'd review all city salaries after Local 10's investigation.

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