Ordinance protecting guard dogs closer to becoming law

Miami-Dade County votes on guard dog ordinance in June

MIAMI - An ordinance to protect guard dogs in Miami-Dade County is closer to becoming law.

The resolution passed its second committee reading last week following a Local 10 investigation that found guard dogs rented for security lived hungry and covered in fleas and ticks. The ordinance goes before the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners on June 4.

"It was an issue that needed to be addressed so I'm glad my colleagues thought it was timely," said Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman.

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On Feb. 13, the Broward County commission passed a similar ordinance, also citing the Local 10 investigation.

"I learned all this from the news story Ms. Birch put on and I wanted Broward County to do the right thing to regulate these guard dog companies," said Broward Commissioner Martin David Kiar.

Tara Ana Harris with Furs Angels Rescue showed Local 10 a car lot on U.S. 441 that houses guard dogs in deplorable conditions.

"When I saw this, I was appalled because I know that there's a better way that this can be done," she said. "These people are going to have to operate on a more respectable level and clean up their act and that's fine."

Under the ordinance in Broward County, guard dog companies must show proof of registration, rabies tags, vaccinations, micro-chips and guard dog tags for all their animals. They must also pay a permit fee to operate in the county and the dogs must be checked by a veterinarian twice a year.

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