Police: Knife-wielding customer shot at body shop

Customer cut worker with knife, then was shot by another customer

By Glenna Milberg - Reporter , Ben Candea

MIAMI - An upset customer was shot Tuesday afternoon after using a knife to stab a worker at an auto body shop in southwest Miami-Dade County, police say.

The incident happened at 4500 SW 71st Ave. about 12:30 p.m.

Police said 45-year-old Freddy Saladriga confronted the owner of the business, Evelio Cobas, regarding a vehicle repair issue. That argument escalated into an argument, leading to Saladriga stabbing Cobas multiple times.

Another customer, Alberto Benito-Budincevich, attempted to intervene, but was also stabbed by Saladriga. That customer then pulled out a gun and shot Saladriga in the lower half of his body.

"At this time, it's too soon to tell if it was a targeted thing or if it's a dispute that just escalated," said police spokeswoman Detective Elena Hernandez. "As far as we know right now, it was a dispute over repairs to the subject's vehicle."

Saladriga was taken to the hospital for treatment, then released to police custody. Cobas and Benito-Budincevich were treated at the body shop.

Court records say Saladriga was arrested on battery charges about a year ago.

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