South Florida monkey rides motorcycle on I-95

Primate passenger is perfectly legal

MIAMI - File this one in the "Things you don't normally see" folder.

Driving on I-95 on the way back from a story, Local 10 reporter John Turchin saw something that his eyes could not believe... and Turchin has seen a lot in his career.

What his eyes couldn't believe was the sight of a monkey riding, untethered, on the back of a woman riding a motorcycle.

The monkey was crawling up and down and all across the woman's back as the motorcycle travelled at speeds up to 75 miles-per-hour.

But here's the catch; what the woman and her monkey were doing is perfectly legal. The monkey is considered a "passenger" and although the primate could have easily be blown off the driver's back, there is no rule to prevent it from travelling in such a manner.

If this isn't the strangest form of monkey business, who knows what is.

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