SPCA: 11 starving horses found

MIAMI - The South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found 11 emaciated horses in southwest Miami-Dade County Monday morning.

The horses were found at 17850 SW 184th Street about 11:30 a.m.

No food was found at the site, according to the SPCA.

"You can see all their bones. You can see their rib cages, their whole skeletal structure on some of them. Their feet are grossly overgrown and long. They have long hair," said Laurie Waggoner with SPCA.

The owner of the horses told Local 10's Neki Mohan he did all he could to feed the horses, adding that some weren't his but were given to him.

"Figure out whether you can afford to feed a horse in the first place," said Waggoner. "It costs $40 to $50 a week to feed one horse. Times that times 11 and there's not many people out there that can afford to feed this number of horses and obviously none of these horses were being fed."

The SPCA estimated each horse was about 200 pounds underweight.

Maria Tamayo, a neighbor of the owner, said the owner's yard typically looked messy.

"I can see the mess in the back, in the back yard, all those cars there and all that," she said.

No charges were filed by Monday evening.

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