Starving dachshund recovers after being rescued

Pets in Distress rescue group steps in to help

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A dachshund is now recovering after he was found by a good Samaritan behind a Pembroke Pines shopping center.

You could see nearly every bone in the small doxie's body, protruding high above his dirty coat.

The fragile pup was found behind a dumpster in Pembroke Pines, drinking from a mud puddle.

The good Samaritan who rescued him immediately called Kelly Lecain of Pets in Distress.

"I see a lot of heartbreaking things, but when I laid my eyes on this dog I cried -- tears pouring down my face," Lecain said. "I sat down with him and tried to comfort him, and I told him he would be alright, and he is safe, and he started wagging his tail, and he hasn't stopped wagging it since."

Lecain went on to name him Marvel, because she said it's a wonder he survived long enough to land in her care. One week later, he's already gained two pounds.

"It's just amazing what two pounds can do," Lecain said. "When we rescued him, he was five point two pounds."

Marvel cannot be adopted yet because he still needs Vet's care, but Lecain is sure that he's going to make somebody a great pet.

Sadly, Marvel is not the first pet to be rescued. He is the third dog in six weeks the group has rescued in the same condition, but all are on the path to recovery. However, Lecain worries they are indicative of a disturbing trend.

"They have no voice, these guys, and they have no say in what happens to them," Lecain said."If you can't afford to feed your dog, take him to the animal shelter. At least if they are euthanized humanely, they are not starving to death."

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