Urns lost in mail on way to So Fla found

2 urns containing remains of New Hampshire man found after days of searching

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer
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NORTHWOOD, N.H. - Two urns containing the ashes of a New Hampshire man that were lost on their way to South Florida have been found.

Allison Kelley had mailed the remains of her late husband, Chuck Eber, to his daughter who lives in Port St. Lucie after he died of a heart attack in early August.

But when his daughter received the box, only the flannel shirts Kelley had wrapped them in were inside. The two pewter urns containing Eber's remains were gone and the tape on the box ripped open.

The plan had been to spread his ashes at his favorite fishing spot in the Florida Keys.

"It just felt like I lost him all over again," Kelley told reporters.

Kelley and her family followed the package's trail from post offices in New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Florida, but had no luck in tracking it down.

That is, until Tuesday when Kelley got the call she'd been hoping for: the urns had been found!

According to WBZ, Kelley was out when she got the good news.

"I was actually shopping at Hannafords," she said. "The people at Hannafords think I'm crazy because I started screaming 'they found him!'"

The urns were found at what she describes as a mail recovery center in Atlanta.

As a small business owner, Kelley is used to shipping packages. But she said in the 9,500 she's shipped in the last five years, she's only had one other problem.

Kelley and her family will fly to South Florida on Sunday, where they'll meet up with other family members for the goodbye they'd originally planned.

As for finding out what happened to the urns in the time they were missing, it doesn't appear she'll press the matter.

"I don't care. Chuck went on an adventure as far as I'm concerned. I really thought I was going to have to learn to live with this and I'm just so thankful that's not the case."

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