Three-legged dog called hero for taking a bullet

Levi the pit bull confronted gunman who entered family home

Levi the pit bull relaxes at his family's home. (GazetteXtra / Angela Major)
Levi the pit bull relaxes at his family's home. (GazetteXtra / Angela Major)

JANESVILLE, Wisc. – Most families are happy if their dogs can play fetch or roll over.

But one Wisconsin couple is calling their three-legged pit bull named Levi a hero after he took a gunshot for them when a gunman entered their home.

According to the Janesville Gazette, a man wearing a mask and holding a handgun appeared inside the home of Darcy Cherry and her boyfriend, Bob Stenzel, on Jan. 19.  

The couple was ordered to the floor while the gunman demanded to know the location of a safe and money.  But neither a safe or money was in the home.

Levi began to growl at the intruder, who said, "Call your dog off.  I'll shoot.  I'll shoot."

When Levi wouldn't retreat, the man shoot the dog in the head and left.

Cherry and Stenzel immediately called 9-1-1 which sent an Emergency Veterinary Service crew to the home.

Luckily, the .22 caliber bullet, which had entered the top of Levi's head, had lodged in the folds of skin around his neck.

Levi, who was rescued 15 years ago after being found abandoned, lost his leg when he fell of a cliff while walking on a trail with family members.  The dog's leg was broken, forcing it to be amputated.

Levi is expected to make a full recovery from the gunshot.

"Levi is our hero," said Cherry