$2,000 parrot stolen from Miami couple's backyard

Police search for yellow-naped Amazon parrot named Baby

MIAMI – Police were looking for two thieves who stole a yellow-naped Amazon parrot worth $2,000 from the backyard of a Miami home early Wednesday morning.

The bird's owner, Elbia Nasco, told Local 10 News that she was startled out of her sleep by her dogs barking at about 4 a.m. Wednesday. She and her husband went outside and saw two men running toward a silver Nissan Altima before driving away.

"That bird's been with me 33 years," Nasco said.

The Nascos said Baby sings, talks and bites, so the couple believes the thieves used a towel to handle her.

"She's like a kid to me," Nasco said. "I used to grab her, kiss her. She sings La Cucaracha. She calls everybody names."

Nasco said the thieves also stole three cockatiels and three parakeets from their cages.

One of the cockatiels was found by Nasco. She said it appears that the bird escaped from the thieves and hid in a nearby tree. 

Nasco said the crooks left in a silver Altima.

Anyone with information about the bird thefts is asked to call Miami police at 305-603-6640.