Dogs left caged in parking lot by groomer, witnesses say

Honey Pets employees decline to comment

DAVIE, Fla. – Jane works next door at Supercuts, and when she steps outside to take out the trash she sometimes sees something that disturbs her -- caged dogs.

"When I go out to throw the garbage out, I see the puppies in the cages," Jane, who didn’t give her last name, said.  "They're just sitting out there. So, to me, I don't know what they're doing inside, but the dogs are left outside, and it's hot."

Jane said the dogs are often panting heavily with their tongues hanging out.

"They're left outside on the asphalt in the cages," she said.

These dogs are under the care of a pet spa called Honey Pets in Davie, which has a sign in the window that reads, "Let us pamper your pet."

Local 10 News was sent photographs for weeks of dogs left outside by witnesses who work in the strip mall.

It's unclear when the photos were taken or how long the animals were left outside, but it is known that outraged animal lovers spoke up for these pets.

"They probably just don't really care," Jane said. "I mean, who would leave (an animal like that)? If anyone really cared about an animal, they wouldn't leave them on the asphalt."

The photos show pets put in a makeshift kennel in the back of the building, which is part of the parking lot.

"It's terrible," Jane said. "It's hot. They're puppies. They're yapping. They're crying."

Local 10 News reporter Jacey Birch asked about the treatment of the animals, but she was ignored.

"I wanted to talk to you about what's been going on in the back," she said.

"You would have to speak to the owner," an employee said. "Can you leave please?"

An explanation was never given.

Although those at the store are not commenting, clients are commenting on review websites with comments such as: "BIG MISTAKE! When I went to pick them up, they were tearing down the door to get out. What looked like a nice grooming turned out to be a butchering!"

That review was posted two months ago, along with a response with the owner that read:  "Honey Pets has been serving for more than 10 years and we are recognized by our high-quality service. A situation like this never happened before and we are going to ensure it will never happen again."

Local 10 News went to Honey Pets on three different occasion but only saw the cages outside once. At the time, they were empty.

On a final attempt by Birch to get answers, an employee said he couldn't comment on the dogs being left outside.

"I can't comment on that because I don't know anything about it," the employee said. "It's not me, so I don't know." 

About the Author:

Jacey Birch anchors Local 10 News Mornings each weekday from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. She is also proud to be the animal advocate for Local 10's investigative team.