Hollywood police officer reunited with bait dog she rescued from streets

Dog found with bite marks throughout body

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A Hollywood police officer was reunited with a dog Thursday who she rescued while on duty.

Officer Freya Hinton found the dog named Trooper with severe bite marks throughout his body, but he’s doing much better after receiving treatment.

"We did surgery yesterday on the lips," veterinarian Dr. Jose Diaz said.

Police believe the Staffordshire terrier-mix was used as a bait dog to get fighting dogs blood thirsty.

When Hinton found him 10 days ago, he was suffering from kidney failure and surrounded by the stench of his own rotting flesh from multiple open wounds.

"If the officer did not help the dog within two hours of finding him, he would be dead already for sure," Diaz said.

After several surgeries, Trooper was finally feeling up for a visitor.

"He is sitting up. He wasn't doing that when I found you,” Hinton said while greeting Trooper.

Thanks to strangers who love animals and Furry Critters Rescue, Trooper wasn't euthanized.

Diaz said the dog might need several toes amputated on his right leg.

"He is doing well. He is a fighter. He is eating well, drinking water (and) walking by himself," Diaz said.

Hinton said she will be there once again for Trooper once he’s fully recovered.

"I could tell he was a very young dog and the life he had was horrible," she said. "He is doing much better. I can’t wait until he gets to come home and these wounds heal, and I can see him running around."

Hinton said her father is going to foster Trooper and will likely adopt him.

"Knowing my dad, he will adopt him," Hinton said.