Florida Keys woman paddle boards with pet rooster

Loretta enjoys sitting at front of board during Keys sunsets

KEY WEST, Fla. – Some people walk their pets. Karly Venezia takes her pet paddle boarding.

Venezia can often be seen standing up while paddle boarding in the Florida Keys with her 1-year-old Rhode Island Red rooster, Loretta.

"Loretta's very curious and follows us around the yard," Venezia said. "Living in the Florida Keys, we like to get out on the water, so it only seemed natural to us to take Loretta paddle boarding and boating and things that we do with our dogs."

It's not unusual to see free-roaming chickens in Key West, but it's not every day that these birds indulge in recreational water activities.

Venezia said Loretta likes to sit at the front of the board and enjoy the serene setting of a Keys sunset.

"Paddle boarding's very calming, and I like hanging out with Loretta," Venezia said. "She's an awesome pet to have. So for us, I think coming out here and getting to enjoy the beautiful sunsets is what makes living in the Keys so special."