Animal control takes dogs terrorizing neighborhood in Deerfield Beach

Four dogs euthanized after reports of violence, authorities say

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Four dogs hit like a pack of assassins.

A video shows them mauling Janene Fay's cat to death in Deerfield Beach.

"Went to the gym that morning and came home and saw my poor cat," Fay said. "You know, on the front lawn and it's really traumatizing."

Local 10 News uncovered a series of attacks in the neighborhood along Southeast Second Avenue. Fay is not alone. The dogs are also suspected of attacking Allison Warner's cat. 

"It's awful," Warner said.  "It's terrible! We have so many other animals in this neighborhood and we have little children."

The neighborhood's residents suspect the killers are pit bull mix dogs. Local 10 News tracked down the dogs' owner and animal control authorities responded to remove the dogs from the property.

Officials reported the dogs were euthanized and they plan to issue the owner four $500 citations.

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