South Florida woman reunited with dog days after it sneaked out of yard

Beatris Gonzalez says she accidentally brought wrong paperwork to get dog back

DORAL, Fla. – A South Florida woman's plea to get her dog back from Miami-Dade Animal Services went viral on social media, but thankfully, she has since been reunited with her beloved pet. 

Beatris Gonzalez said two of her dogs sneaked out of her yard Saturday.

One, unfortunately, was hit by a car. The other got away and was eventually caught by some people nearby.

Not knowing who the dog belonged to, they brought it to a nearby rescue shelter, which transferred it to Miami-Dade Animal Services.

Desperate to get back her dog, named Baby, Gonzalez went to Animal Services on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with piles of paperwork.

But, according to Animal Services officials, Gonzalez brought the paperwork for another one of her dogs.

To protect the animal in case Gonzalez wasn't the owner, Animal Services employees didn't tell her exactly what she had wrong until she came with her lawyer on Tuesday with the proper paperwork.

They also did a meet and greet, and said they could tell she was the rightful owner.

"Yes, in my nervousness and my desperation, there was some paperwork that I gave them from my other dog, but I came back and I did the right paperwork, and they did what they had to do to verify, and now this is the happy ending," Gonzalez said. 

An Animal Services representative said a situation like Gonzalez's could happen to anybody, so, "It's so important for owners to keep their records in order so, if a situation like this happens, we're prepared to reunite the pet with their owners."

Baby and Gonzalez have now been reunited. Miami-Dade Animal Services employees said the incident is a good reminder to make sure your dog is registered and has a microchip, so they can get you reunited with them quickly.

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