Florida woman kills injured dog instead of taking it to vet


ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – A Florida woman attempted multiple times to kill her injured dog before finally succeeding by beating it to death with a crowbar.

Tammy Ewing, 55, of Englewood admitted to trying to euthanize her dog Sophie by giving it drugs and Tylenol PM in January. However, when Ewing awoke the next morning, the dog was still alive.

Realizing the drug overdose did not work, Ewing took Sophie into the backyard and beat her with a crowbar.

Ewing says Sophie had suffered a torn ACL and believed a trip to the veterinarian would be too traumatizing for the dog, despite her having the money to afford the visit.

A necropsy concluded Sophie was beaten to death.

After an investigation, Ewing was arrested Wednesday on multiple charges.