Police find 3 kittens in bag on side of Palmetto Expressway

Discovery made after Miami Gardens police officers notice bag moving

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – This kitten caper started out as senseless animal abuse but thanks to social media and the kind and caring officers at the Miami Gardens Police Department it looks like this story is purring along to have a happy ending.

On Tuesday night, Miami Gardens police were called about a suspicious bag alongside the busy Palmetto Expressway. When officers arrived they were shocked to see the bag moving.

Then one officer posted a photo on Facebook of what they found inside -- three adorable kittens. When she got back to the station a good Samaritan asked if they could have one. 

Three kittens were found inside a bag on the side of the Palmetto Expressway in Miami Gardens.

On Wednesday, the other two were brought back to the station and, fittingly, turned over to the department's victim advocate, Karen Brent. She says the kittens are less than a month old. One is a boy the other is a girl. The station rallied around the kitties to give them a second chance and many were shocked at how someone could be so callous with kittens.

"They are going to get checked out because we don’t know if the bag was tossed on the side of the road. If there are any injuries," Brent said. "But to put them in there like they are trash and leave them on the side of the road. Someone could have run over them."

The department hopes an animal rescue agency will step in and help them find a forever home together. 

They would also like to see these two, who have been through so much, stay together.

"Can I suggest names?" Local 10 Todd Tongen asked.

"I would love names because that is so difficult for me," Brent said.

"How about Paul and Meadow? Palmetto?" Tongen replied.