Miami Beach residents fear 'wolf dog' attacks

'It's big, massive and he looks, like, angry,' resident says

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Mark Ferguson said he saw a vicious creature attack a man and his dog Sunday night in Miami Beach. 

Ferguson said the animal he saw near the intersection of 71st Street and Normandy Isles Park is a "half-wolf" hybrid-mix dog. 

Doug Kincaid was grateful Ferguson decided to come to his aid. 

"She was here in a flash and just jumped on my dog and then started tearing at her," Kincaid said. 

Surveillance video shows Kincaid and his dog, Sasha, walking in the neighborhood before the attack. Ferguson said he saw Kincaid fighting back and felt he didn't have a choice but to help. 

Marcelo Baird, who lives nearby, said he saw the hybrid dog and was so terrified he ran into his home. Surveillance video shows the hybrid dog named Eva running free without a leash, jumping fences and breaking into a backyard. 

"It's big, massive and he looks, like, angry," Baird said. 

Luca Lavieri, who lives with Eva, said the hybrid is a rescue dog and belongs to his girlfriend. He has already removed two wolf dogs from his home.

"I feel bad for the dog owners and I am willing to cooperate with them," Lavieri said. 

Knowles Animal Hospital treated Sasha and another dog that was also injured Sunday. 

Miami-Dade County Animal Services has been investigating the incident.

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