FWC camera snaps gator attacking raccoon

Scientists believe the raccoon got away

By Steve Owen - Assistant News Director
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Courtesy: FWC


Talk about Florida gone wild!

Check out the above picture that was taken by a Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FWC) motion-activated camera on July 20.

The FWC said the unlucky raccoon was just minding its own business when it came upon a deer-bait platform on FWC-managed land in Southwest Florida.

The raccoon was only there for a few minutes when the alligator stalked its prey and jumped out of the water.

FWC scientists believe the raccoon got away but no one knows for sure.

The FWC is posting dramatic pictures like this on its Flickr photo stream.

The FWC said the bait tray and cameras help monitor wildlife populations and, "understand the health and status of various species and provides essential information to biologists. In addition to providing information on the deer populations, these surveys help test specific methods for estimating deer populations."

They went on to say, "using baited stations with remote sensing cameras set up nearby, the bait stations and cameras are deployed for about two weeks. Then the photos are analyzed and deer numbers, gender, ages, and activity recorded."

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