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Pet owner makes donation to Sabal Chase Animal Clinic after chip reunites her with lost dog

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MIAMI - An animal clinic that was recently featured in a Local 10 report received a gift from one of their clients that will allow them to help other South Florida pet owners.

The client, a woman named Debbie, had recently adopted an abused, heartworm-positive dachshund/pug mix.

The dog, Bertha, was spayed at Sabal Chase Animal Clinic.

"Later that night, after her "potty walk," Bertha managed to figure out how to pry open the gate and go exploring," said Lynn Kupkee of Sabal Chase Animal Clinic.  "She spent the night wandering around, wearing her post-surgical Elizabethan collar (a.k.a. The cone of shame).  While said cone protected her incision, it impeded her vision.  Needles to say, her new mom was a nervous wreck." 

After the spay, Bertha was implanted with a microchip containing a bar code unique to her.  When registered, the code links the owner's information with the company that manufactures the chip. 

When Bertha went missing, Debbie called the microchip company, who issued a Pet Amber Alert.  They supplied missing pet flyers that the owner was able to post in the community and send to local veterinary clinics.  When a good Samaritan saw Bertha wandering around her neighborhood, she recognized her immediately. 

A quick scan of her chip at a local veterinary clinic confirmed her identity.  Thanks to the microchip, Debbie and Bertha were quickly re-united.

"To celebrate Bertha's safe return, her family presented Sabal Chase Animal Clinic with a donation that will allow us to provide microchips for other pets," Kupkee told 

These chips usually cost $59 each and and additional $20 to register online or by phone.  While recipients still need to pay the $20 registration fee, the chip and implantation at the clinic will be free. 

The procedure will be done Mondays through Fridays while supplies last.  Pet owners must call to schedule an appointment so that a free chip can be set aside for them. 

"It is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate walk ins," Kupkee said. "So appointments are a must." 

The clinic address is located at 10710 SW 113th Place, Miami 33176. 

To schedule an appointment, call 305-595-1450.  Callers must specify that they are interested in a "Bertha chip."

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