Development of one of Miami’s tallest buildings gets approved in Brickell

Condo sales are estimated to be worth in the millions

Rendering of the new tower in Brickell designed by Sieger Suarez Architects. (Rendering by Sieger Suarez Architects)

MIAMI – For residents already complaining about the amount of traffic in Brickell, this news may not be so welcome.

According to The Next Miami, plans to build a giant residential tower in Brickell have been approved after a vote on Monday. This news was first reported by the Miami Herald.

Their report states that members of the First Miami Presbyterian Church voted 68 to 42 in favor of a deal with the developer, 13th Floor Investments, to build the high rise next to the church. The church is located at 609 Brickell Avenue.

For those worried about the church, it will be preserved, and only a parking lot and school building at the back of the property will be redeveloped. Additionally, the church will receive compensation valued at a total of $240 million, according to the source.

The tower will be 80 stories-tall and will be “one of the tallest in Miami,” according to the Miami Herald.

“The waterfront property sits in an area that allows ‘supertall’ height of 1,049 feet above sea level,’” says The Next Miami. “Nearby, the 80-story One Brickell City Centre tower has already been approved at that height.”

News of this tower comes months after the announcement of the development of the Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami, which is set to be the tallest tower south of New York City.

Condo sales of this newly announced tower in Brickell are estimated to be worth in the millions.