Clay's plays: Breakdown of Dolphins-Redskins


MIAMI – What a beautiful, ugly game!

At the end of the year, when the Dolphins are, hopefully, heading back to the playoffs for the first time since 2008, no one will care that the Fins could barely move the ball in the first half against one of the worst teams in the NFL. No style points, no extra credit for beauty.

And the Fins can be thankful for that.

Miami managed only 256 yards of offense and will end up on every week one blooper reel for an ugly fumble in the third quarter. But they were saved by a Redskins offense that wasn't much better and a herculean effort from Jarvis Landry.

Onto the plays!

3. Rishard Matthews TD catch

This is here for two reasons: 1. It finally helped the Fins offense breakthrough after it looked as if they couldn't do anything right. And 2. Matthews gave us an a memorable "rock the baby" touchdown celebration in honor of his new son, Zayden.

2. Brice McCain INT

This will go down as one of the plays of the year. The only reason it's not No. 1 this week is because of the huge shift in momentum Landry delivered, but this one-handed tip-pick was as pretty as you'll see.

1. Landry punt return for TD

Who knows if Landry is even back for this punt if LaMike James doesn't fumble on a kickoff return earlier, but this was the play that changed the game. Yes, the Fins had started to gain control up to this point, but it wasn't until Landry darted through the Redskins coverage team that you really felt as if the Fins would pull away. As it was, they didn't "pull away," but this play was the difference between a beautiful, ugly win and a horrific loss.

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