Miami Sports Pod - Futbol & Football

Will Manso and Clay Ferraro discuss the return of the MLS and the NFL offseason


Join Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro for the Miami Sports Pod where they discuss futbol and football as the MLS returns to South Florida and the offseason begins for the Miami Dolphins.

1:00 Will previews the MLS franchise in Miami

2:29 Clay on how the Mas brothers bring credibility

3:00 Will discusses conversations he had with MLS commissioner Don Garber

6:00 Will calls out David Beckham for not being around the last four years

12:00 Will's thoughts on why Overtown and the proposed MLS site could work

16:00  Clay on the product has to be nurtured

22:00  Clay goes off on the idea that the Dolphins would draft  a backup QB 11th overall

25:15  Tannehill is too young to draft a backup for --- Clay

25:30 Will: Why is competition a bad thing

29:03 Will on why Adam Gase may want to find HIS quarterback

32:00 Clay on if the Dolphins are “married” to Ryan Tannehill

35:00 Will is most interested in what will happen with Jarvis Landry this offseason

37:00 David Lang is most interested in the backup quarterback situation--- just to annoy Clay

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