Wade impressed with Stoneman Douglas students

Heat superstar discusses school visit

Dwyane Wade discussed his visit with Stoneman Douglas students
Dwyane Wade discussed his visit with Stoneman Douglas students

MIAMI – Dwyane Wade wanted to lift the spirits of students at Stoneman Douglas and found that they had lifted his.

The Heat superstar visited the school during the first full day of classes since a massacre that killed 17 people.

Wade said Thursday, "I didn't expect that type of reaction.  Like I said, I knew it was a tough day for them going back for the first full day.  I definitely wanted to bring an element of surprise, an element of job.  But the reaction was unbelievable.  It was great to see, it was great to feel.  It was great to feel that energy, that vibe.  It carried them for the whole day, it carried me for the rest of the day as well."

Wade said he tried to make the most of his visit, "Talked to different groups in different settings.  It was cool.  I'm glad I did it.  I'm glad our schedule allowed for me to be able to show up there for that first full day back to school, it was pretty cool."

Wade discussed the upcoming March that the students at Parkland are planning.

Wade said the students are well aware of what they need to do and the "change they want to see."

Wade said he comes from a community in Chicago "where our youth are getting killed daily and don't have the same voice, light on them that Parkland has.  And these kids understand that and they're taking other kids with them.  They've met with Chicago.  They've met with the kids from the inner-city in Chicago, trying to see how they can team up and do things."

Wade called the students impressive and student leaders.

Wade said he isn't sure that his schedule will allow him to participate in the March,

As for his involvement in social issues, Wade said, "I just look at myself as a concerned citizen of the community.  Like I said, I may be one of the most popular members of the community but I'm just a part of the community like everyone else.  My concerns are no different than your concerns or my next door neighbor's concerns."

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