Miami Sports Pod - Time to tip-off the Heat season


The Local 10 sports team previews the upcoming Miami Heat season as it's time for tip-off.

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1:00 What are you most looking forward to for the Heat?

2:00 Dion Waiters did something that the Heat didn't like

4:00 Instagram made it harder to stalk

6:30 Everyone of the team is a role player, except Jimmy Butler

11:00 Manso's advice to Dion Waiters

13:30 Tyler Herro has become the star of the summer

15:00 Could his ceiling be Klay Thompson?

18:00 Lang morphs into his mother kveling over Tyler Herro

24:00 How good can the Heat be this season?

28:00 Middle of the East pack--- hoping to reach a 4 seed would be realistic