Jeter says Marlins have a better team this year

Fish trying to bounce back from 105 loss season

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter talks to reporters in Jupiter
Marlins CEO Derek Jeter talks to reporters in Jupiter (WPLG)

JUPITER, Fla. – Marlins CEO Derek Jeter spoke to reporters ahead of the Marlins Spring Training game on Monday.

Jeter said he expects the Marlins to be a better baseball team this season.

“I think we should be a lot better this year than we were last year. We want to see progress as an organization year in and year out” Jeter said.

The CEO said the Marlins have a lot more talent in the organization right now. However, he added that talent doesn’t win games, teams have to perform.

“We have guys that have tools, we have guys that have had some success we have guys that need to improve and get better” Jeter said.

Jeter said when he was a player, every time he went up a level in baseball, it took time for him to adjust.

Jeter said he interacts with the players a lot more than he did at first.

“We need to make progress, we need to turn the corner, we have to get better, guys have to get better” Jeter added.

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