Grier says Dolphins haven’t started talks to move up draft

Dolphins have No. 5 pick in draft

INDIANAPOLIS – The Miami Dolphins have their eyes on the 2020 draft.

“Brian and the coaching staff did a great job of establishing the culture... The narrative was out there that we were tanking and that clearly wasn’t what we were doing” said General Manager Chris Grier.

The Dolphins have the No. 5 pick in the first round and have been connected to wanting to build at the quarterback position.

Grier said he wanted to get to know all of the quarterbacks at the Combine.

The general manager wanted to learn the type of person, the mental character.

“I’m not going to sit up here and lie and tell you it’s not important” Grier said about the quarterback position.

Grier said that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be a great player to learn under.

Grier said he has not started any talks about moving up to get a franchise quarterback.

He said that the Dolphins need to focus on meeting all the quarterbacks first.

The Dolphins have three first-round picks, but Grier said “I don’t think we can rule out any position... You can think you’re deep at one position and then an injury happens.”

Grier said the team is wide-open to anything.

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