Miguel Rojas says Marlins embrace ‘Why Not Us’ mindset

Marlins open on Friday at Philadelphia

MIAMI – The Miami Marlins are hoping a shorter season will help them make the playoffs.

The team has embraced a mindset encompassed by the phrase ‘Why Not Us?'

Infielder Miguel Rojas said, “It’s not just a mentality, it’s a way to approach the season. Every at-bat is going to count, every throw, every catch. It’s nothing new or something that’s just going to be us doing it, everyone is going to be of the same mindset. Everyone is going to have to approach the season that way.”

Rojas said the key to a short season is to get off to a fast start.

It’s something that the Marlins have been able to do in Spring Training.

Rojas said, “In Spring Training we went 8-2 or something like that and won a lot of games in a row. If something like that happens early in the season for us, it’s going to be huge. I played Winter Ball before and I know how important these first couple games in the season are. It can dictate what your season is going to look like.”

Rojas said that the guys in his clubhouse are ready to go and excited for the opportunity.

The Marlins season starts on the road Friday at Philadelphia.

About the Author:

David Lang is executive producer of the Local 10 sports department.